All features can be enabled and disabled on a per-household basis.


  • Native Android/iOS/Web/Desktop apps
  • Partial offline support, so you don’t lose track of what to buy even when there is no signal
  • Sleek UI following Material design guidelines

Shopping list

  • Add items to your shopping list and sync them with multiple users
  • Add descriptions to items to track the amount you need
  • Items can be categorized to have them ordered your way or let the app handle the sorting and adapt to your grocery store


  • Manage and create recipes and add them to your shopping list
  • You don’t have to do that by hand, just scrape them off the web

Meal planner

  • Create a meal plan to always know what you’ll be eating
  • Get suggestions on what to eat next


  • Manage balances and track expenses of household members
  • Take a look at the overview of your monthly expenses